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The turn of an ankle...

Scotsman.com News - International - Tehran tightens dress code


A POLICE offensive in Iran against women who are greeting the arrival of warm weather by showing a little more ankle than usual was reinforced yesterday with a warning of a draconian new punishment.

Saeed Mortazavi, Tehran's prosecutor, said women who repeatedly flouted the strict dress code may face a long banishment from the Iranian capital.

"Those women who appear in public like decadent models endanger the security and dignity of young men," he said. "If primary punishments are not effective, repeat violators may receive up to five years' exile from Tehran."

Poor weak and feeble Iranian men that they need such protection. As my photographic evidence shows it is essential that women cover their ankles to prevent "endangering the security and dignity of young men", now if they are also wearing riding breeches, a tight white cotton shirt or a low cut chemise and carrying a small whip I think we can all be safe in knowing that men will be safe from any impure lascivious thoughts. I know I am, or will be after the cold shower...


I got a cold shiver when at first glance I thought you were showing us a picture of the results of Sheryl Crow using one square of toilet paper.

I'm trying to pack in as much Nandos as possible before Milliband gets hold of the idea and has swipe card toilet paper dispensers in every home which will restrict cardholders to one square per person in any 24 hour period. People will be carrying out identity theft just so they can go and have a vindaloo. Imagine swiping your card and being informed that you are overdrawn to the tune of 365 squares and can't have a @#*& for a year.

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