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Do the Math

Chinese maths level embarrasses English system

Mathematics tests set by universities for undergraduate chemistry students in their first term to diagnose remedial requirements are disconcertingly simple. They encapsulate the challenge facing this country. Dr Pike called for action now to sort the problem: "What we need is not another study with yet another report left unimplemented on the shelf but a focused investigation, engendering credibility, transparency and inspiration across all sectors and leading to actions that really do place this country at the forefront of education.

"Our future depends upon it."

Take the test for the chance to win £500 - Just have a look at it and despair at our education system.


Things have certainly deteriorated dramatically. The Chinese geometry problem was the sort of thing I was tackling first year of my Maths A level course. But that was twenty years ago. The Telegraph showed the British equivalent, which was so simple a test of Pythagoras' Theorem that I could have answered it aged eleven.

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