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Bye bye Jack

Scotsman.com News - Desperate Jack begs for votes

JACK McConnell has issued a desperate plea to Tory and Liberal voters, urging them to vote tactically for Labour to stave off an SNP victory in Thursday's Holyrood election.

In a clear indication of the meltdown facing his party, the First Minister said Conservative and Lib Dem supporters should back him as the "only way" to stop Alex Salmond....

The new YouGov poll, commissioned by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), gives the SNP an eight point lead over Labour in the constituency vote, and a five point lead in the regional list vote.

Analysis by Professor John Curtice of Strathclyde University shows that, if the swing is uniform across the country, the SNP will win 46 seats to Labour's 40. The Conservatives and the Liberals would get 18 each, with the Greens on five and others two.

The poll would leave the SNP and the Liberals one seat short of a majority in Parliament. But Scotland on Sunday can also reveal that the Greens now say they too would consider a formal coalition deal, in which they would accept ministerial jobs. It leaves open the possibility of a three-way coalition after Thursday's vote.

The Sunday Herald reveals who he blames:

JACK MCCONNELL has turned his fire on the Motherwell and Wishaw constituency, which he has represented for eight years. He said the Labour-controlled area reflected "careless, thoughtless decision-making" and condemned his local town centres.

He added: "The town centre here in Wishaw has never been properly thought through for the last 20 years. That town centre in Motherwell is a pigsty. It's dirty, it's untidy, it's ... bad planning decisions, bad architectural decisions, and it needs radical surgery."

He then blamed the plight of Scotland's towns on decisions made by successive governments. "We've got to break that dependency culture that was generated partly by the Labour policies of the 1970s and partly by the Tory economic decline of the 1980s."

Ah poor wee lad crying as he sees his toys slipping away, it is everyone else's fault, waaaaaah


Most definitely a sense of desperation in all this.

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