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10 years of Blairite education - the verdict

Children 'damaged by exam factories' | Uk News | News | Telegraph

Schools under Labour have been turned into "factories" that churn out exam results but fail to educate children properly, according to a leading Government adviser.

In a damning indictment of Tony Blair's school reforms, Alan Smithers, the professor of education at Buckingham University, says the Government has "done quite a lot of harm" to children by subjecting them to repeated tests.

Addressing a conference today, he will say that the Prime Minister has produced a generation of children regarded as the most unhappy in the western world....

Prof Smithers, an expert on school standards, says there is mounting evidence that children's self-esteem and long-term development is being undermined by the target-driven culture in state schools. This move is driving rising numbers to educate children in the private sector.

Oh Happy Anniversary Mr Blair! I hope just somehow behind that smug insincere grin we will see today as you celebrate 10 years in Downing Street there is a worm of doubt biting into your soul as you contemplate the damage and hurt you have done to the children.


I can vouch for that first hand. My IT lessons were a classic example of 'exams over learning'. An example:

Teacher: Name a storage decice that is suitable for backing up data.

Student: CD ROM

Teacher: No.

Student: What? Why not?

Teacher: Hard drives are ROM. You're trying to back up your hard drive.

Student: ....what??? That's crazy!

Teacher: Well, that's how the examiner marks it.

Student: But, shouldn't we just learn what's right and screw the examiner?

Teacher: It's my job to get you the best results possible.

And there was me thinking his job was to teach!

Exams are simulations of the real world to come.
The cynical libertarian should have leaned that the 'correct answer' is the acceptable.
eg "does this make my bum look big"
answer - well ?

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