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What a difference an E makes

-Gay Sex Resignation, Escourt Agency, lying in court, Brown, Peerage, Friend of Tony Blair, all came crackling through the radio as I left the pub last night, I nearly turned back to buy a large bottle of something. As I struggled to tune it in I eventually realised that it wasn't Brown but Browne - and even then not the Defence bloke. Damn, a no interest story - Browne of BP, of course he is a liar, no surprise there, haven't you seen how short he is? Never trust short men.


You may be right about short people (Alexander the -not really - Great, Napoleon, Hitler, Mao, Blears, Ahmadinejad) but - shortarse or not - Browne has generally done a good job for his shareholders, not one of whom would have given a damn about his height or his sexual preferences. Capitalism is wonderfully unpriggish about people who deliver value to investors.

This is an indication, I fear, of a wider malaise. Lying is now so much a part of public life in Britain, legitimised as it has been by the Blair/Campbell axis of deceit, that people have been desensitised. It seems naieve or old-fashioned to them now to tell anything but a convenient truth. Hence, when they encounter some "old-fashioned" force like Yates of the Yard or the High Court of Justice, they forget that plain old fibbing can still be taken seriously; that it can equate to "conspiracy to pervert the course of justice" or "perjury."

I feel slightly sorry for him, but those who commit perjury attack justice itself. The media had no mercy on Jeffrey Archer or Aitken for this (quite rightly). They should have no mercy on Browne. Nor should they have mercy on their wicked colleagues who put him in the way of temptation, by threatening pointlessly to "out" him. Up until that point, he was an innocent man and should have been left alone. The worst part of his disgrace is that he has ex postfacto legitimised their scurrilous conduct.

He really is a scary looking mo fo, look how tiny he is and yet he has a normal sized head. Makes him look like some kind of freakish lollipop.

Actually this puts me in mind of the short lived BBC 'comedy' A Small Problem

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