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Ten Years of Blairism, nothing to do with me - Tony Blair.

Blair supports weekly bin collections as voters threaten backlash | Uk News | News | Telegraph

The Tories immediately accused Mr Blair of a shameless attempt to distance himself, ahead of Thursday's polls, from a disastrously unpopular strategy pioneered by his own Government...

Many Labour MPs say fortnightly collections are the number one issue on the doorstep. Even in areas where the Tories run the councils they say Labour is being blamed for the bin policy.

"Look, Guys, it is nothing to do with me, and in fact I'm leaving very very soon, in fact all the things that have gone wrong in the last ten years were nothing to do with me, remember all my triumphs, my legacy, you know something will come to mind, surely, and did I mention I'm resigning soon? Please vote Labour, please.....


I don't usually go much on Janet Daley's work but she was bang on about this on Monday. It's nuts that central government should have any say in such a local issue beyond maybe a few public health laws. Of all Labour's meddling, the rubbish is the just about the one fundamental public service everyone needs therefore mucking that up hits people big style.

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