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Bjørn Lomborg - How to save the world.

21 Solutions to Save the

Malnutrition is one of the world’s biggest challenges, afflicting 1 of every 6 of us. Although we are moving in the right direction—despite adding more than 70 million people to the global population each year, the number of those suffering from malnutrition has been falling—more than 3 million people will die this year from poor nutrition. Some 800 million are chronically undernourished.

The most wellknown form of malnutrition is a lack of calories. But there is another, more prevalent form. It isn’t obvious or easily photographed, and so it attracts scant attention. Yet it could be solved with remarkable ease. It is the unsexysounding “micronutrient deficiency”—a lack of iodine, vitamin A, and iron.

Children lacking iodine do not develop properly, either physically or intellectually. All they need is salt fortified with iodine. An absence of vitamin A increases the risks of blindness. The nutrient could easily be made more readily available in staple food items, such as genetically modified golden rice.

Iron deficiency affects as many as 3.5 billion people—more than half the world’s population. An iron deficit stunts growth and impedes mental abilities—stealing up to 15 IQ points from the average child. It reduces a person’s ability to perform manual labor by as much as 17 percent. Today, it’s battering the health and energy of half a billion women and stunting the growth of 40 percent of the developing world’s children. Yet we already know how to solve this problem: The fortification of flour, rice, and salt is cheap and simple. In other cases, iron cooking pots, which slowly emit iron, could be distributed in poor countries.

Dealing with micronutrient deficiency would quickly and cheaply improve the lot of billions of people...

Simple, sensible and unsexy solutions - if a hundredth of the effort that goes into the AGW scare went into this real problem what a difference it would make.


Absolutely. Lomborg has been saying this kind of thing for years (remember the "Copenhagen consensus"?) and the world's failure to listen demonstrates the extent to which climate change hysteria is more about nature worship than trying to help us poor old humans.

The really sad thing is that a number of development charities (including supposedly Christian ones like CAFOD and Christian Aid) have devoted their efforts to supporting the propagandists for global warming rather than campaigning for sensible, practical measures like these ones. Environmentalism really has become the dominant religion in this country.

G*D forbid you should even mention genetically modified crops or golden rice...The fact that you could actually improve both the quality and quantity of life for millions of humans with this is entirely lost on the Luddites. Besides, don't you know humans are a disease on the face of the earth, like acne or syphillis?

Oy, Gevalt!

Doug, the Presbyterian.

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