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Voters turned on and turned out for real politics

Sarkozy elected president of France | International News | News | Telegraph

The interior ministry estimated turnout to be 85 per cent – the highest for decades.

Mr Sarkozy has campaigned on themes such as national identity, security and radical economic reforms, including curbing union powers, dropping social charges from those wanting to work longer than the 35-hour week and cutting punitive French taxes.

Calling Mr Cameron - the rush to occupy the centre ground by all parties means most feel disenfranchised and unwilling to vote.
Have some balls and define a real position that is different to the others.


The complacency of the Conservatives is patently absurd. They will be wafted into a stalemate in the next election (with the other two main parties) because the electorate will simply not vote when there is no alternative. The French turned out in amazing numbers (>80%) simply because there were genuine alternatives on offer.

The present political configuration in the UK gives you the same whichever main party you choose (high taxes, "steady as she goes" on public services - particularly the NHS, climate change hysteria, no genuine selection in education, preserve the EU etc etc). Why should I vote if I don't like what's on offer? Why should I vote if I like what's on offer? Answer: don't bother to vote - it makes no difference - you'll get what you're given - and like it.

Uff, I bet this is the problem of a lot of Conservative parties in Europe. They do not want to recognise themselves as they are... or at least what a lot of their voters are...

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