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Virtual Cohesion

Schools: 'promote race relations or close' | Uk News | News | Telegraph

Schools with large numbers of white pupils may be taken over or closed if they fail to promote race relations and links between different religious groups, according to Government guidance.

The Standard continues

Lessons in all subjects should help to teach children tolerance and break down prejudice.

Schools must encourage pupils to strike up e-mail friendships with children at schools with a different racial or religious mix. They should also consider inviting imams and vicars to talk.

Schools Minister Jim Knight said one school in his Dorset South constituency had been rated as "outstanding" by Ofsted for its RE teaching.

But pupils had only limited experience of those from other backgrounds.

"They had never met anyone of the Muslim faith, they had never met a Hindu," he said.

"As part of delivering the duty, we could encourage more of that sort of contact. You could do it online."

He gave the "perfect example" of a link between a primary in Weymouth and another in Tower Hamlets.

The inner London borough has among the highest concentration of ethnic minority pupils in the country.

"The relationship had been forged by a member of staff who moved from a school in Tower Hamlets to Weymouth.

"They developed a relationship by e-mail between individual pupils, and then were going to visit."

I wonder why they didn't. Probably best to just to continue to "encourage more - e-mail friendships - that sort of contact. You could do it online." You wouldn't want to actually meet them when you can just have a nice safe virtual "cohesion" with them, would you. I'm sure the teenage white boys in Dorset South are leading the way with Asian Babe websites...


I wonder why they didn't [visit]

Maybe because someone realised that taking a busload of strange kids and dumping them in an alien environment was a recipe for disaster? Can you imagine the tales of kids being lured into trying strange mindblowing drugs, getting mugged and robbed or even being eaten alive?

South Dorset's a rough neighbourhood. I doubt a bunch of East End Hoodies would last five minutes without police protection.

Labour will not close the schools. It it bluff.

""They had never met anyone of the Muslim faith, they had never met a Hindu," he said."

"of the Muslim faith" indeed! He is just frightened enough of Muslims to be worried that saying "a Muslim" is offensive.

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