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Scotland - Time for the Edward III option

Scotsman.com News - Scotland - After election fiasco, what happens next?

Obviously the Scots are incapable of forming a stable government, this sort of chaos in one of major oil suppliers and on our border could cause unacceptable upset to our economy and security. We haven't time to wait for the UN to act so I suggest we send a "peacekeeping force" north once again, as we have had to do so many times before, to restore order. It is for their own good.


Nice idea, but thanks to Messrs Blair and Brown, the cupboard is bare. Nearly every troopie the country has is doing battle with the fuzzy wuzzies.

All that's left is a geriatric Quartermaster Sergeant at Catterick and his ancient, farting bulldog.

Well, we'll keep the Quartermaster in reserve and the bulldog can take the left flank while his farts take the right, capturing them in a classic pincer movement just outside Inverness.

Love your blog.

No. Now is not the time for a return to the days of Edward 111. It's 700 years since his death at the Solway Firth and we have come to know the Scots a bit better since then. Time for a divorce on our terms I think. Cromwell actually did a better job with the Scots than Edward. He also put the Irish in their place but we are not supposed to say so these days.

Ha Ha. You are always so far ahead of the political cycle. I shall be watching the news with interest here in Australia.

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