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The West Lothian Cancer Question

Cancer survival rates worst in western Europe | Uk News | News | Telegraph

British cancer patients are substantially more likely to die of the disease than those in other western European countries because of poor access to the latest drugs, according to an authoritative report to be published today....

I haven't seen the report but I bet it isn't "Britain" but either England or "England and Wales" because Scotland has its own rules on what drugs to prescribe and they are keener on spending the taxpayers money on wonder drugs. But then why should I expect the Telegraph to grasp this point...


To be fair to the telegraph, the figures could actually be for Britain as a whole.

Even if Scottish survival rates were twice as good as the rest of the Union's, there's so few Scots relative to the rest that it would have bugger all effect on the overall numbers.

Still, the Torygraph could have explained that as well. But when did you last hear of a journo actually understanding what he was reporting? Or breaking the conspiracy of silence surrounding the royal shafting which England is getting at present?

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