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Bath Students - What a Shower

BathStudent : Bath University Students Union takes me back to my old college days as they prevent Nasty Nick Griffen speaking at a meeting in the University.

The following is the Statement of Belief agreed upon at EGM on Thursday 10th May condemning the BNP. Following debate, this was the agreed version with one exception. The Executive, in their capacity as trustees of the Union, chose to remove University of Bath Students’ Union Notes point 7 on legal grounds as there were potential libel issues.

University of Bath Students’ Union Notes:
1. The British National Party (BNP) is a far right political party.

Try racist authoritarian socialists - in favour of renationialisation of the Railways for instance and even the nationalisation of the RNLI

2. Prominent members of the BNP have historically promoted anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial.
3. In 2006, the BNP leader, Nick Griffin, was charged by police on offences of using words or behaviour intended or likely to stir up racial hatred. Though was later acquitted, other leading BNP figures have been convicted of race hatred and criminal offences.

He was tried and aquitted - or don't you believe in due process of law?

4. The BNP limits party membership on basis of skin colour, claiming that “To be truly British one has to have a British genotype, as well as to have fully adopted British culture."

With Bath Student Societies ranging from the Afro-Caribbean Society to Welsh, and while obviously Afro-Caribbeans are welcome to join the Welsh society and visa versa, maybe objecting to closed cultural groups is a bit pot and kettle.

5. The BNP’s opinion on homosexuality, that this should not be taught by schools, that "homosexuality, which affects less than 2% of the population, is not the norm” and that civil partnerships are a “flaunting or celebrating of homosexuality”
Are Catholics and Muslims banned as well for similar views?

6. Many organisations believe that the BNP is a fascist, discriminatory organisation.
And it is the duty of the Student Union to prevent Students making up their own minds rather than rely on hearsay?

7. A proportion of members of the BNP have had criminal dealings, some election candidates have even been gang members, drug dealers and rapists.

Bless 'em, such ernest rage and stamping of little feet will stand in them in good stead when they become Labour MPs.

The Previous EGM is another classic: See below.

BUSU against the war in Iraq
Date: 6/4/03

"Extraordinary General Meeting Believes:
1. The involvement of Britain in costly wars such as the war in Iraq, is a waste of tax payers money, which would be much better spent on improving education on all levels. This irresponsible behaviour puts the education of our students in jeopardy, hence affecting students as students.
2. By acting as an aggressor, the British Government breeds hatred towards the western world, resulting in a greater support for terrorist groups. This will further undermine British security, and hence could have an impact on the lives of all students study in our country.
3. The UK-US military action taken in Iraq was in breach of International Law and has stripped the U.N. of all credibility, demonstrating a dangerous neo-colonialist and imperialist disregard for the rest of the world.

Extraordinary General Meeting Mandates
1. The SU finance committee not to fund our campaigns
2. The Media can Communications Officer to publish a press release stating our condemnation of the war that took place in Iraq, the imperialist occupation of Iraq, and any further aggressions of this nature
3. The Union to allow Bath Student Stop the War Coalition to publicise B.U.S.U.’s stance"

Obviously it is the neo-colonial oppression by Bush that prevents them writing grammatical English - or is that just an imperialist disregard of the rights of students to be illiterate?


"Though was later acquitted, other leading BNP figures have been convicted of race hatred and criminal offences."

Ah, guilt by association. How very free-thinking of these students....

Still, for people who avow their loathing of the BNP & desire to see them silenced, they've just handed them one huge publicity coup! The next time this (or any other) university lets a Respect or SWP member speak, they have opened themselves up a whole can of worms.

Shortly after passing my Oxbridge exams way back in the 70s I was tempted for one fleeting moment to consider Bath after having read somewhere that in those days it had the highest ratio of female to male students.

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