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Go Directly to Jail, Do Not Collect $200

Chirac exits 'tired, sad' and facing inquiry | International News | News | Telegraph

Jacques Chirac faces two contrasting fates when he hands over the keys to the Elysée palace to his successor, Nicolas Sarkozy, tomorrow - saving the planet or fighting corruption allegations...

How unlike our own dear Prime Minister who after he hands over the keys to No 10 is going to either save the planet or....


DDT - the view from 1945, still valid today! and
Rachel Carson - No Hero of Mine

I have worked in small farmer pest management in developing countries for the last 35 years - starting with cotton in Africa, where and when DDT was the insecticide of choice for American bollworm (Heliothis armigera, now Helicoperva armigera). Why? Because it was effective, cheap, and safe for unsophisticated small farmers. We never, but never, had a case of pesticide poisoning attributable to DDT. However, it had to be replaced during the 1970's due to the ban on use in the US - African countries followed that lead. The replacement was endosulfan (Thiodan), less persistent, but more toxic. The result? Large numbers of cases of endosulfan pesticide poisoning, including deaths.

DDT has remained a registered public health pesticide in South Africa, for the sole use of mosquito control with application only by government public health teams. With regard to the comments in the Telegraph concerning the sperm counts of DDT applicators, have a look at
http://www.junkscience.com/ByTheJunkman/20070419.html (DDT Backlash Begins)
which shows how 'accurate' the research was on this topic.

http://www.junkscience.com/ddtfaq.html (100 things you should know about DDT)
gives some interesting background facts on DDT.

USAID says it has never had a policy for or against the use of DDT for indoor residual spraying against mosquitoes/malaria. However, the anti-DDT lobby effectively precluded its use in aid programmes. However, it now says it suppports the use of DDT for this purpose. See


Have been reading your blog for some time now - always a good read, interesting and often cutting comments.

Keep up the good work!!

Tony Treen

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