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Grammar School boy agrees with Public School Boys that Comprehensives are good enough for everyone else

Tories to 'sever links' with academic selection | Uk News | News | Telegraph

The Conservative Party will officially sever links with academic selection in the state sector today, accusing grammar schools of entrenching social advantage.

David Willetts, the shadow education secretary, will warn grammar supporters in the party that they cannot harp back to the past.

"We must break free from the belief that academic selection is any longer the way to transform the life chances of bright, poor kids," he will say.

"This is a widespread belief but we just have to recognise that there is overwhelming evidence that such academic selection entrenches advantage, it does not spread it."

OK - what evidence? 70 per cent of parents want a return to Grammar Schools, if you want to persuade them that their widespread belief is wrong then you will have to do better than just parroting the DFES line and actually show how you are going to reverse the deplorable decrease in social mobility that has happened, uniquely for a developed nation, under Tony Blair.


Poor kids, like me, who were once given a great opportunity through grammar schools can now go to hell. However, the kids of professional parents, like our kids, can attend the best state schools because we have the luxury of choosing where we live.

The only piece of "evidence" Willetts could dredge up (on the "Today" programme this morning) was that free school meals are less common in the remaining grammar schools than elsewhere and therefore grammar schools acted against the interest of the poor. Surprise, surprise - considering it is "middle class" areas (ie those who consistently vote old Conservative) that managed to preserve grammar schools it is not wholly unexpected that the people from those catchment areas would not generally be on benefits. Even Willetts - whose reputation as a clever man is rapidly disappearing - sounded distinctly unconvinced by this "Conservative Party" policy and this evidence. I wonder why this policy wasn't confirmed before the local elections.

Hmmm, speaking as a working class Grammar School boy it looks as if they're pulling up the ladders.

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