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The Case for Eurovison

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | MP demands Eurovision vote change

The Eurovision Song Contest voting system needs to be changed because it is "harmful to the relationship between the peoples of Europe", an MP has said.

And the BBC should insist on voting changes or withdraw from covering the contest altogether, he added.

Serbia won Saturday's contest, while the UK was second from bottom, only receiving votes from Ireland and Malta.

Mr Younger-Ross said the present structure was a "joke", adding that votes were based "largely on narrow nationalistic grounds".

He has tabled a Commons early day motion,.....

The fact that even after 50 years the people of Europe still are nationalistic rather than "European" is deeply upsetting to europhiles like him, and the only reason to keep the Eurovision contest going, apart from the chance to laugh at funny foreigners in their strange clothes...


And he is paid how much for this valuable work?

Let us not forget the sublime commentary of Terry Wogan.

Let us not forget the sublime commentary of Terry Wogan.

...but I repeat myself...

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