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Apologies for lack of posts this morning, it's my birthday and what with my present of a pair of Javanese twins and their massage oil arriving suitably wrapped up to be opened and enjoyed; and having to get the Ox onto roast for this evening's meal, put the case of Margaux to chambre and so on, Mr & Mrs Fm and Mr NBC amongst others are guests, it is all a bit hectic this morning.


Well, a very merry birthday to you, sir. Here have a virtual cigar and a virtual glass of Scotch...


Many Happy Returns!

Have a very Happy Birthday and may there be many more.


PS I tried e-mailing some mampoer, but I don't think the company server is licenced for alcoholic beverages, and now my pc is making funny noises.

I'll try again from home.

Many happy returns, old chap.

Mampoer brings back memories, just about, of hazy hangovers after proud distillers insisted you try it, poured a generous portion and watched you drink it so you couldn't share it with the pot plants.

Wish I'd been there.

Many happy returns!

TE- Much as I wish you had been here as well you wouldn't have enjoyed it, we just sat around eating rich beef stew, drinking beer and good red wine talking about music and guns, I even had to get the Browning humpback down to be examined. You would have been bored.....

Hmmm, just stumbled across your blog and it's my birthday too.

Curses, is there no end to synchronicity?


If you can remember the experience, even vaguely, you were obviously drinking the fancy stuff.

mr E. Sounds like a hellish experience - my commiserations :-)

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