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Today's Grace


We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to oppose calls by police to introduce blanket use of plastic glasses even in pubs and other licensed premises with no history of violence. We feel blanket bans on glass are unnecessary and will have a detrimental effect on the licensed trade and the drinking experience of the millions of law-abiding pub goers in well run establishments up and down the country.

Wadworth's 6X in a plastic glass - the idea is too repellent to contemplate. I would like to go back to my pewter mug but "the nick and the froth" meant I was always getting short measure. (nick and froth n. c.1600 - a dented pewter mug and excessive foam on the ale, both diminishing the quantity of liquor contained within it).

From the nick and froth of a penny pot-house,
From the fiddle and cross,
and a great Scotch louse,
From committees that chop up a man like a mouse
May the Good Lord preserve us


Plastic glasses?

I got my eyes lasered so I wouldn't have to deal with those.

What? Sorry. Off to drinking something harder so I don't have to deal.

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