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Bugs in your Bins

Microchips in dustbins spy on three million | Uk News | News | Telegraph

More than three million households in Britain have rubbish bins equipped with "waste stealth tax" technology, it was claimed last night.

Remember that , - Anyone who removed a bug and threw it away might not get their bins emptied, warned Paul Bettison, the Local Government Association's environment chief.

Mr Bettison, an advocate of charging, said: 'Removing one of these devices would not break any law as far as I know. Source

To remind you of what happened here last August and as a public service may I repost this:

An Englishman's Castle: Guess what I found in my Kennet Council Wheelie Bin this morning?

So I went outside and tipped my bin over to have a look under the lip at the top - and here is what I found...




Details on the bug's abilities are here


In the good old days they'd have had to prove you were the one who had removed it before they could punish you by not emptying it. In Nulabia, of course, you are guilty until proven innocent. But might this not be Labour's poll tax, what will they do if everyone removes them, or has them removed? Alternatively, the peasantry need to make it clear they'll only vote for councillors what won't have such a sceme. I've not heard anything about how much they will be reducing everybody's rates by when you pay as you chuck, surely people won't be expected to pay twice for the same service.

Those what's got nothing better to do will have fun tossing house bricks in the bottom of people's bins.

Here's a better idea: go round the houses of your local councillors, or your local MP, and scan their bins with an RFID reader.

Then obtain a few spare RFIDs and reprogram them to these RFIDs, and install them in random bins across the local area (including your own, if you like a prank).

All of a sudden, said worthies will seem to be throwing away a truly vast tonnage of rubbish, which ought to be good for a laugh, if nothing else.

Guess what I have a chip in my Kennet bin too, but not in my green bin. That's sad as I was going to swap them.

I have removing the chip put it in a bowl of water and microwaving it on full power for 15 mins, (maximum operating temp of the RFID is 85C and RFID really doesn't like domestic microwaves) and reinstalling it.

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