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Rubbishing Miliband and the MSM

EU Referendum has written at great length and in some depth about the growing shambles created by the EU's waste strategy. Our first piece was written in June 2004, not long after this blog had started, and we can count 50 more since.

There is thus very little more we can say, by way of comment, about yesterday's announcement by environment secretary David Miliband, on the government's waste strategy for England.

We can however, note that, in the torrent of media reports covering the event, one fundamental dishonesty shone through. Almost without exception, the media – typified by The Times - describes Miliband's initiative in terms of the government's plan to "wean England off its landfills".

It is, of course, no such thing. It is the government's strategy to increase the level of compliance with the EU's landfill directive, a desperate push, on the one hand, to reduce the huge fines which Britain will have to face and, on the other, a stratagem to transfer the massively increased costs of refuse collection and disposal from central government and local councils to individual households....

But what really sticks in the craw is this sanctimonious, ignorant, fatuous little individual blithely telling us that it was "time for everyone to change their behaviour…". One is almost tempted to do just that, but the result would be an extremely long term in prison.

No more needs to be added.


The question is what can we do. Growing up in 60s and 70s talk of the brain vaguely permeated my childish mind. I wish to God I had left when Maggie was deposed, the last PM to at least try and stick up for this country rather than rolling over. It is too late to go now. Family demands coupled with desirable locations unlikely to be available prevent that. The Tories are almost universally a complete shower. I am tempted to stand as an independent against the Tories in a nearby marginal.

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