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Miliband - stop dreaming and do some work!

Single farm payment position is worse than last year - 24/05/2007 - FarmersWeekly

The Rural Payments Agency has paid out less in 2006 single farm payments than at this point last year – meaning many farmers are in a worse situation than 12 months ago.

Although SFPs did start to flow much earlier this year, latest figures from the RPA reveal that the total amount of money paid to producers now stands at £1.274bn. This is 83.8% of the estimated total fund of £1.52 billion.

Yet at the same point in 2006 – when the agency was dealing with 2005 Single Payment Scheme claims - the agency had managed to pay a total of £1.32 billion or 87% of the fund.

Of course that nice Mr Miliband has far more important things to do, like saving the world from plastic bags, than actually do his frigging job and get his department to actually work.


Can't find anything on the Miliblogger's blog about this. He hasn't blogged about the recycling either. Last post (oh how we wish) was a hilarious joke about Jose Mourinho's dog.

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