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Happy Birthday Duke

The Duke rides back into Tinsel Town | International News | News | Telegraph

He embodies almost everything modern Hollywood considers politically incorrect - the tough-talking, red-blooded man's man, pro-war patriot, All-American hero and, in his own words, "Right-wing conservative extremist".

But John Wayne, whether on horseback or the battlefield, remains one of the towering icons of 20th century cinema and one the entertainment industry is again fervently embracing as it celebrates the 100th anniversary of his birth today....

..However, some observers were aware of how much Hollywood has changed since Wayne's heyday.

"It's hard to guess how the Duke would be received today, or even if he could find work in contemporary Hollywood,"..

Which is probably why I watch so few new films. There is nothing better on a wet Sunday afternoon than sitting on the sofa of sloth with The Searchers or The Shootist on the box.

And as a bonus for you here is the famous credo from the latter: Download Credo.wav


Roger that Pilgrim,the Duke is still a great inspiration to the freedom loving west.

BTW,haven't been to a Hollywood film since 93 and don't plan to ever again.

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