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Young Guns

Minister urges teenagers to take up shooting | Uk News | News | Telegraph

Anti-gun campaigners have accused the Government of making a U-turn on firearms after a minister urged teenagers to take up shooting to improve their behaviour.

Richard Caborn, the sports minister, has backed a drive by shooting groups to increase participation in the sport among children as young as 12. He believes that the sport helps young people to become more responsible and disciplined, and vowed that significant funds would be made available to help boost participation. ...

That sound you can hear is the GFWs crying. Generally I'm not in favour of taxpayers money subsidising people's sport, and all I think is needed is for the Government to leave the shooters alone for them to prosper.


If I ever meet Richard Caborn, I'm buying him a pint. Then punching him, for being a Nyoo Laybuh government stooge.

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