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Gooseberry Chutney from 23rd May 1907

This is a recipe in my grandmother's cook book dated 23rd May 1907:

4 pints Gooseberries boiled in 1 1/2 pints Vinegar
2 lbs brown sugar made into a syrup with 1 1/2 pints Vinegar
1 1/2 lbs Raisens, stoned and chopped
6 oz Mustard Seed gently dried and blended

Mix altogether, put into a cool oven for four hours, on several occasions add vinegar as required - I always find the boiled vinegar sufficient, Add Chillies to taste.

Strong stomachs those Edwardians - but it sounds worth trying. Unfortunately our Gooseberries aren't ready yet, despite Global warming the season doesn't seem to be any earlier...


Puzzling: why would you bother making chutney from goosegogs? Surely you'd have heaps of chutney left from the previous autumn's damsons and such? Goosegog jam is another kettle of fish. As it were.

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