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Gratuitous Demeaning Allison Stokke Picture

How a vaulting ambition catapulted an athlete to unwanted internet fame-News-Tech & Web-TimesOnline

A month ago, Allison Stokke was an ordinary sixth-former with a special talent: pole vaulting.

A two-time California state champion and national record-holder, she was serious about her chosen sport, which had earned her a university scholarship. But then she made the “mistake” of posting a three-minute interview about her technique on the internet video site YouTube.

Within days, pictures of her, innocently taken at a track-and-field event, were on the internet and being leered at by tens of thousands of men all over the world on websites that have nothing to do with sport....

"..it just all feels really demeaning,” Ms Stokke told the newspaper. “I worked so hard for pole vaulting and all this other stuff, and it’s almost like that doesn't matter. Nobody sees that. Nobody really sees me.”

Oh yes they do, and with a good agent I'm sure you can get over the feeling as thousands of newspapers illustrate your distress with pictures and cash payments...


he he.. evil link baiting. i like your style.

enjoy the increased traffic levels. ;-)

The Beach Boys were absolutely correct when they sang about California girls.

Ignoring the temptation to make all sorts of "pole vaulting....fnarr fnarr" jokes, I shall limit myself to noting that they didn't build sixth forers like that in my day - more's the pity

She's from California?? Must be from Santa Barbara - This is the genetic-theory: All the failed starlets who flocked to Hollywood in the 30's, good looking babes from all across America, only a few succeeded in Tinselgrad. The very-many who didn't got their Mrs. Degree by marrying handsome Dentists and rich Doctors, and they-all moved up to Santa Barbara in the post-war boom following the money-trail. They had many beautiful children, and the beautiful only marry each other. Some of their kids are as dumb as a post, but they sure look good and they continue to supply the movie-industry with "talent."

Poor old remittance man. I am afraid to say I am reminded a tad of the sixth form girls at my alma mater. A long time ago now, more is the pity.

Clearly lacking the restraint of The Remittance Man, The Cynical Libertarian says:

She can vauly my pole any day! :O

Clearly lacking the restraint of The Remittance Man, The Cynical Libertarian says:

She can vault my pole any day! :O

Meanwhile tv executives and sports administrators are struggling to explain the sudden dramatic increase in interest in field athletics amongst middle aged men.

re: DirtCrashr
She's actually from Newport Beach and although she's beautiful she's hardly as dumb as a post. Graduated with 4.0 grade point average this spring. Heading to University of Cal. this fall.

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