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Vote for "None of the Above"

We put up with terrible, inept government. Why?-Comment-Columnists-Guest contributors-TimesOnline
What should we make of the failure of the Home Office to operate control orders properly, the MTAS computer fiasco at the NHS, and Ruth Kelly’s climbdown on home information packs?

Almost everyone has one of two responses. Some say that these are isolated failures in an otherwise acceptable record, others that they are evidence of a general incompetence that has a simple solution – to put different backsides on Cabinet chairs.

Almost everyone is wrong. There’s a third possible reaction: that these episodes (and there are countless others) show that centralised hierarchy is a terrible way of getting things done. Policy failures aren’t due to having the wrong personnel in charge. Nor are they exceptions to the rule of general competence. They are the inevitable result of bad organisational structure.

There are four lines of thinking that tell us this. One comes from Friedrich Hayek....

Read the rest for an excellent summary of why we shouldn't vote for the bastards. As he says "It’s not just in the high street that hierarchy is being rejected. It’s also being rejected at the ballot box, with support for the hierarchical parties falling. Here, the political class is in denial. At the recent local elections in England, five out of six voters choose not to vote Conservative, mainly by not voting at all. And yet when David Cameron described this as a “stunning” result for his party, no one pointed out that he was talking rot."


Which is what I did at the last local election. I spoiled my paper with "None of the above". I think one reason our politicians as a class are so awful is because they are politicians; that is too many of them have not only coveted a political career since they were knee to a grasshopper, what is worse is that many of them achieved that objective shortly after leaving college. When I was at university, political hacks were generally considered with contempt, to put it mildly. What a shame therefore that some of them have managed to live out their dreams through our lives and money.

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