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Climate advice from those without a clue

Inuit leader: stop expansion of Stansted airport - Independent Online Edition > Climate Change

One of the most prominent members of the Inuit community will today plead for an end to the expansion of Stansted Airport and deliver a devastating critique of the link between Britain's cheap flights culture and the effects of climate change on his people...Nicodemus Illauq, an Inuit from northern Canada, told the gathering in Belize of representatives of Arctic peoples and island states: "My people have been hunting on the ice for 5,000 years but now you risk death around every turn."

Why the fuck should we listen to a fuckwit Eskimo - they came across the Baring Straight 5000 years ago and turned left. If they had turned right they would have ended up in California, Mexico or Florida. If they had had the fucking nouse to move house one mile south a year they would by now be sunning themselves on a Caribbean beach, but no, they stayed clumping about in the snow eating seal liver and being eaten by polar bears for five fucking thousand years, and wondering why they were cold all the time. They are fuckwits, and so is anyone who listens to their advice on climate.


I am suprised the treehuggers are letting this guy come anywhere near their pet issue. He does come from a people who hunt whales, after all.

I'd be worried about taking advice from someone whose family had spenty the last five thousand years surrounded by snow and yet failed to invent a single decent winter sport.

I for one am doing everything in my power to prevent catastrophic climate change, ie nothing. Actually, it's beer o'clock here in Queensland, now in which of the two beer fridges did I put the Guiness? It is the right time of year for Guiness (is there a wrong time?) with harsh night time winter temperatures plummeting to 17C.

Interesting perspective here:


dont hold back..what do you realy think!..ha!

Not only a fuckwit, but a lying hypocritical fuckwit.
Inuit live mostly in wood homes with central heating and use snowmobiles on the ice in winter.
Tell you what Nicodemus, I'll keep out of your business, you keep out of mine, OK?

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