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Al Fin: Attention Planet Earth: Your Previously Scheduled Global Warming Doomsday Has Been Cancelled--Other Previously Scheduled Doomsdays Remain in Effect

The video above is now available on YouTube. It is the first of a 5 part series. To view the rest, simply click on the screen and go to YouTube for the other 4 segments.


The anti-catastrophic, anthropogenic climate change documentaries seem to be running well ahead of the pro- ones (in numbers if not Oscars). There is another one here:


There seems to be a clear consensus emerging. Surely it is time for natural climate variability denial to be made a crime against humanity. We need Nuremburg style trials of the likes of Al Gore and Arnie Schwarzenegger. Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth should become proscribed organisations with membership carrying up to 20 years jail and anyone who donates money to them should have their assets seized and placed behind the bar at pubs up and down the country.

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