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Best Riff

Kim du Toit - asks Every so often, when driving or flying by myself on some trip or other, I play the old game of “If you could play a musical instument as well as _____, who would you choose?”

As I wander the land with my MP3 player plugged in my question is " If you could play a musical instument as well as _____, which riff would you wish you had played?”

The opening bars of "Satisfaction"?
The horn section alongside Duane Eddy?

The best I could hope to achieve with my lack of musical ability might be the drum crashing into Nobody Does It Better

I'm sure you have riff that you do the steering wheel bongo to.....


One of many such is the intro to YYZ by the Canadian band Rush; it's quite simple, just those three letters (the call-sign of Toronto International Airport) in Morse Code, repeated.

-.-- -.-- --..

I also have no musical talent, and hence played drums in a band when I was young and foolish.

I've a fascination for the drums, particularly the intro, from Zep's Rock and Roll.
Gets me air drumming every time.

I guess it would be nice to be able to play the piano like Martha Argerich or Glenn Gould. I'd really like to be able to play the finale of Saint Saens' Piano Concerto No 2.

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