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Your NHS, please pay again

Calls for 'NHS tax' to finance health care | Uk News | News | Telegraph

Senior doctors are to propose that health care should be paid for through a compulsory NHS income tax....

A motion to be debated at a British Medical Association conference will suggest a means-tested system similar to those used in France and Germany.....

Contributions would vary according to income, meaning high earners would pay more.

The French pay premiums amounting to almost 20 per cent of pre-tax earnings while in Germany the proportion varies according to different providers but averages at around 13 per cent.

This equates to about £10,000 and £6,500 respectively for some one earning £50,000 per year....

About 200 of the country's leading doctors attending the BMA consultants' conference on Wednesday will debate a motion stating: "This conference believes that a means-tested compulsory form of national insurance be set up to fund the NHS."...

"The fact that the system is tax-funded and so centralised has led to something which is totally dysfunctional and increasingly unsustainable.

"Such a system will always be inefficient and will never deliver the care people aspire to."

Maurice Slevin, a leading cancer expert and founder of the Doctors for Reform campaign group, said: "The fact is the current system isn't working. The cost has more than doubled in real terms.

"The only thing that has improved is waiting times have reduced but everything else has got worse.

"We've paid for a Bentley and got a clapped out Mini. We have a large nationalised system with no mechanism to provide incentives to do things in a cost-effective, efficient manner."

A spokesman for the Department of Health said: "Record investment and reform is delivering a first class NHS for patients."

I'm obviously too tired and hung over to understand why a centralised compulsory "national insurance" or income tax based on the amount you earn is going to be so much better than the present system of a centralised compulsory "national insurance" or income tax based on the amount you earn in reforming the NHS.


The bit that winds me up is that I have been paying for a Bentley for ages and yet when it comes time for me to use it I'll be lucky if they have a spare pedal bike I can use.

That old chestnut - "means tested".

Why not use the term I suggested when Barak Obama entered the Heathcare arena:

Instead of "means tested...", just come clean and say "sanctimonious vehicle for wealth redistribution"

...for that is what it is. Just be honest.

Switzerland has already come up with a pretty good answer.

The French pay a FIFTH of their gross income in healthcare costs? That sounds utterly ridiculous.

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