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You will be informed

Wine lovers targeted to cut binge drinking | Uk News | News | Telegraph

We want to target the older drinkers, those that are maybe drinking one or two bottles of wine at home each evening. They do not realise the damage they are doing to their health and that they risk developing liver disease," a Whitehall source said.

"If I go out and buy a bottle of wine or some cans of beer that's fine, but the trouble is when you're in a pub you don't ask to inspect the back of a bottle of wine, so we do need a form of labelling that goes up in pubs and restaurants.

"On the wine list it would say at the front whether wines were high, medium or low strength, and how many units in a bottle or different size glasses. There could be similar posters in pubs.

"This is not about the nanny state, but the information state. The state's job is to give people information so that they can make informed choices."

Yes, Nanny, of course Nanny.


Churchill won the war by drinking a bottle of brandy a day. He also smoked cigars like a Rasta on weed yet he lived to the ripe old age of ninety.

When will these interfering pecksniffs realise nobody actually listens to them and they'd all be doing us a favour by going out and getting real jobs?

If they could do real jobs, RM, they would already have them.


I wonder if that's true. I mean, given the job security and generous pensions available in the civil service one has to wonder how many capable people opt for the public sector.

And even if this isn't true, they could still learn something, even if it meant doing something menial.

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