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Miliband's Heroic Fight To Save The World

You take the high road, he’s taken the no through road-News-Politics-TimesOnline
It is David Miliband's task to sell global warming to an ungrateful nation. He is not unaware of this. “I was in Sedgefield the other day, waiting to give a speech, and the organisers came up to me and said, ‘There are 800 people here and they want you to tell them why climate change is good for the North East.’ ”

There did not seem to be a lot of good news yesterday, at least as you and I would define it. Indeed things are so bad that Mr Miliband’s job is getting easier. For one thing, the science on climate change had become more certain. Plus, there is other news. “Significantly,” he noted, “it is becoming worse.”

Isn’t that fantastic? I wish I could tell you more good/bad news but the rest of the session was near total gibberish. Everyone talked about Stern. Stern this, Stern that. Mr Miliband said that Sir Nicholas Stern (who wrote last year’s report on climate change) has become the world’s first climate change celebrity. Can this be true? Surely, if so, he should have been in Heat magazine by now.

Numbers were everywhere. At some point Mr Miliband noted: “Stern says 550 parts per million is a very dangerous place to be. But I am nervous. It is incumbent to explain to people: we are in a place that carries dangers now.” Apparently this refers to the percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In an heroic act, Mr Miliband broke free of his own gobbledegook, saying that 550ppm would mean a 3 degree increase but that even a 2 degree increase would be dramatic. “This isn’t a linear process. It would not be uncommon to have 50 degree Centigrade summers in Berlin.”

Stern isn't a climate scientist, he doesn't claim to be one, and I don't sense this growing certainty in the consensus that is being claimed but Miliband is right in one respect, it isn't linear. To put it in terms a Chav or Blairite Minister might understand if 100 ppm of CO2 acts like one layer of 70% window blackening filter then putting a second layer on the windows of your souped up Astra or Government limousine doesn't mean you are then going to be blocking out 140% of the light.


Warming on Neptune now I read on Hot Air. So that's Mars & Neptune & Earth warming lately. Totally unrelated random co-incidences no doubt.

Quite. Or to put it another way, the effect is broadly logarithmic, not exponential.


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