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Fur Ein Rauchfreies Leben

Thanks to MS for pointing me to The European Youth Movement - a federation of national youth councils and non-governmental youth organisations. As he says "What was the Soviet one called? Comosol? Anyway, my point is, have you ever met anyone who belonged to one of these puppet youth councils? No... Me neither. So how can they speak on behalf of all the youth of the EU. Makes you sick, doesn't it?

For some reason I can't copy and paste from their website or their pompous Manifesto - with gems such as: " We call for implementation of unified cigarette packaging, namely white with black Arial font, in order to prevent the use of colour designs as subtle, indirect advertising for tobacco products".

Haven't we been here before...


Some people are way too keen. You've got to distrust those sort.

Much like those HIPs volunteers, anyone joining - or more possibly pushed onto - one of these groups should be shot before they get carried away. It's for their own good in the long run.

I can just see the bronzed, kerchiefed, flaxen-haired youth of Europe marching through the streets with the sole intention of freeing us from the evil and enslaving bonds of nicotine. The only difference between these Rauch Jugend and the Ayrian youth would be the addition of some token gays, lesbians, wheelchair users and a sprinkling of coffee coloured accolytes in the march. The whole EU thing makes ones flesh creep, doesn't it?

The European Youth Forum is an international organisation established by national youth councils and international non-governmental youth organisations to represent the interests of young people from all over Europe. It is the youth platform in Europe representing youth organisations in international institutions - mainly the European Union, the Council of Europe and the United Nations. It serves to channel the flow of information and opinions between young people and decision-makers. The European Youth Forum has 93 members made up of national youth councils and international non-governmental youth organisations, which are federations in themselves, bringing together tens of millions of young people from all European countries.

Actually, I was probably a bit harsh with the shooting. It should be Chinese Burns and Wedgies all round for these wieners. They're only there because they "forgot" their PE kit.

Stirring stuff!

I wonder how much it all costs.

In my youth I actually met people who were members of organisations like this. A more ghastly gang of anorak-wearing spods you could not hope to meet. They're the sort of Pecksniffian little toads who grow up to be the wankers who want to ban supermarket booze promotions. Blognor Regis is right. It's probably a reaction to the relentless (but oh-so-richly-deserved) series of wedgies and bogwashes they endured in school that turns them into such horrors when they finally get put in a position of power.

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