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Have you voted today yet? Updated

Today's posts start below - apologies for bumping this to the top in a shameless attempt to remind you to vote.

blogpowerawards_nominee2007%20small.gif Blogpower: Best Britblog or Column

Now the voting starts... you know what to do, and do it as often as you can!
Tony Sharp has some interesting observations on the competition, which may encourage some tactical voting...

Not that I'm suggesting anything but ....


Done, good luck.

Strangely Mr Castle, there is a Blogspot Blog with a very similar title and I thought it was the one in the Blogpower awards. Its an odd blog with no posts since mid May... I Hope you will all vote for me as well, especially in Category 14.... If anyone has questions to me on the blog or my motives please post them in my comments. They are moderated at the moment as I am getting foul abuse and harassment from some one - which might be related to this vote , or it might not. I don't know.

Consider yourself voted for.

How many times must I vote before you buy me a pint?

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