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Hain Offends

BBC NEWS | Politics | We offended supporters, says Hain

Labour has been "needlessly offensive" to its core supporters by chasing headlines in rightwing papers,

to say nothing of how his gurning oleaginous orange face offends decent people as well just by existing

...he said he welcomed the possibility of a "new approach" to civil liberties in relation to anti-terrorism laws.

He said the party had been "more concerned with colluding in fantasies and fallacies" about the Human Rights Act than defending it.

Mr Hain wrote that Labour's "conscious strategy" of "flirting with the anti-liberal prejudices of the right-wing media" was dangerous, when Tory leader David Cameron was willing to embrace progressive causes.

He said Labour should not assume "progressives have nowhere else to go".

Now that is worrying, when even Peter Hain believes his party is less "progressive", read "mad socialist", than David "Dave" Cameron.


All rather depends where you want to progress to. Both parties are largely going down paths I'd rather not follow them down. Despite his many, many, many shortcomings, I've always thought that Cameron could redeem himself by undoing much of what Blair has done, and proposes to do, with regard to taking away our liberties (or is that his liberties?, his to give and take away as he sees fit).

Does this mean that Peter Hain is at last coming to his senses, after supporting 90-day detention in Britain when he opposed it in South Africa?

If it does, bully for him.

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