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Pasty Overdose

The Sun Online - News: Call the cops, he's got 8 pasties

TESCO staff threatened to call cops when Andrew Williamson tried to buy EIGHT pasties.

Taxi boss Andrew, 48, was told to put two back because there was a six-pasties-only rule.

And when he argued, staff at the supermarket warned they would call police....

Dad-of-four Andrew picked them up for a family tea for eight people. He said: “I was stunned when the till girl said I could only have six....

A Tesco spokeswoman said: “We operate a commonsense approach to multi-purchasing to ensure the widest range of products is available for everyone. We would like to apologise if Mr Williamson felt mistreated and for this inconvenience.”

That is a use of the word "commonsense" I haven't come across before. I'm sure old Jack Cohen would have tried to sell him sixteen, but then he didn't have much time for rules...


What is really infuriating is that Br*tain actually pays for nothing, anywhere in the world. It is England, and more precisely the south of England, that pays Br*tain's contributions. The little nations of the 'union' cannot pay for themselves and make no financial contribution to Br*tain international commitments.

I have no idea what the above comment has to do with this post, but I must say that Tescos policy in this matter is quite ridiculous. If there are not enough pasties to go around then they should make more pasties to meet demand and thus increase profits, or alternatively raise the price of pasties to allocate them to the most demanding consumers, also increasing profits. You would think a multi-billion pound firm like Tescos would have figured out basic economics by now...

Shades of USSR, no?

"There are only four pairs of nylon hose in the store. No one may purchase more than one pair this month."

Bleeding Socialists!!! (Oh wait, that sounds like a new sport we could invent!)

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