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All your data are belong to us

Taskforce to cut 'cyber warming'
Reducing carbon dioxide emissions from the production, operation and disposal of computers is to be the aim of a new government taskforce.

Computers and other IT equipment have been blamed for causing as much global warming as the airline industry.

The taskforce will oversee the piloting of a "green PC" service in which individual machines use 98% less energy than standard PCs.

The "green PC" service works by hosting functions such as office applications, email and internet surfing on data centres rather than on individual computers.

As MS says:

So, the latest bogeyman to frighten us with is computers wrecking climate
change. So much more sensible to have all the data and programs stored on
one central government database that uses pure green energy. Of course, the
fact that this would make it much easier to monitor people's computers and
deny them access when they are naughty, is a cynical view of the matter.

More at Worstall's Terminal


Personally, I'd really like the government to provide my IT needs and take care of my email and personal data. Yes I know there are a few moaning minnies out there who worry about the government's track record on IT projects and data privacy, but they're a minority. Anyway, if we concentrate all the computing power in the government's hands then it will be much easier to fight terrorism as we all know that there are a lot of naughty muslims waging jihad on the internet. If citizens do bad things or say things that are critical then it will be much easier to cut off their access to the internet. And think of how much good we'll be doing for the environment. I think Phil Woolas and the boys and girls in the EU ought to be congratulated for such an excellent scheme. Now where do I sign?

There's no way I'm letting the buggers know I've got an e-library including titles like: The Anarchist's Cookbook, The Boys Own Guide To Thermonuclear Devices and The Bumper Fun Book Of Blowing Stuff Up.

And especially I'm not letting them know I've got "How To Build Your Own Machine Gun"

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