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Memo to Conservative Central - Copy Success, not Failure.

‘Blue wave’ sweeps Sarkozy to poll victory-News-World-Europe-TimesOnline
The “blue wave” in favour of Mr Sarkozy reflects the optimism that has swept France since the reformist President defeated Ségolène Royal with promises to jolt the country out of its economic slide of the past two decades.

Mr Sarkozy and Mr Fillon are appealing to voters to endorse their crash programme of reforms, dominated by tax cuts and curbs on union powers, to “restore the value of work”....

As well as the Socialists, two other big losers of yesterday’s voting were the National Front party of Jean-Marie le Pen, who seem to have failed to gain a single seat, and the new Democratic Movement (MoDem) of François Bayrou, the centrist who for a while appeared within reach of the presidency

So that is the way to defeat socialists, racists and centrists - old fashioned Thatcherism. It would get my vote.


Curbing the Union goon-squad power in France is going to be tough, but necessary.

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