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Coming back out of that yonder zone

Muslim women abuse soldier at troops hospital | the Daily Mail
British Army officer has been abused by Asian women while on a hospital visit to troops injured in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Company Sergeant Major Neil Powell was surrounded and heckled by three young women in the unprovoked verbal attack at Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham.

The women, in traditional Asian dress, ranted about the presence of British troops in Muslim countries.

The incident took place in a public area of the hospital used by both civilians and military personnel.

In recent months the standard of treatment for soldiers at Selly Oak has been widely criticised. Military personnel have called for greater protection and privacy away from civilian patients and visitors....

Conservative MP Patrick Mercer said: "We have reason to be extremely cautious about the security of wounded British soldiers and those who care for them.

"Earlier this year, we were told there was a detailed plan to capture a soldier in Birmingham and torture him.

"This incident demonstrates that our troops and their welfare staff are vulnerable. This is an issue we ignore at our peril."

CSM Powell said: "There was a minor incident. Sorry, I am not willing to talk about it. My concern is the morale of the fighting troops.

"I have my own opinions and part of my job is to address those opinions, but I also have a chain of command."

In recent years defence chiefs have closed military hospitals, which benefited from greater security, to cut costs.

So far no surprises, a professional response from a CSM to the way we treat our returned wounded. But even I was shocked by the shrill response from the Labour MP for Selly Oak, Lynne Jones who "refused to back calls for more secure facilities for troops.

She said: "The soldiers seem to want a little empire consisting of their own designated staff and facilities, a fiefdom.

"The point of basing the Centre for Defence Medicine at Selly Oak was to make the most of the range of experience here. The priority should always be the standard of clinical care.

"When I’ve visited the military ward it has been cluttered with staff."


"When I’ve visited the military ward it has been cluttered with staff."

That would be a military ward stuck amongst several civilian ones would it? A military ward whose only access would be through civilian areas? Making visitors and staff vulnerable to this sort of harassment?

And as for being "cluttered with staff" those would be nurses and doctors I suppose. People busy caring for their patients and therefore hardly in a position to act as security against demented Mohammadens or other fuckwits intent on mischief.

Gods! These people make me so bloody angry. AAAAAARRRRRRGH!

Sorry. Had to get that out of my system before my bloody pressure red lined.

Sometimes this country seems so alien to me that I dont know if I belong here..very sad.

Sometimes this country seems so alien to me that I dont know if I belong here..very sad.

A CSM out-verballed by a covey of hags-in-bags? My old CSM could make you crap yourself by straightening his cap, never mind actually saying something to you; whats the army coming to.

No doubt these were some of those 'moderate Moslems' we keep hearing about.

If those women believe that British troops should not be in "muslim countries", how do they justify their aggressive muslim presence in Britain?

As an American of British ancestry, I'am sick of watching these throwbacks from the 7th century flood into britain and attempt to

turn it into an islamic shithole. They are here for jihad,full stop!

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