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The Officer Material Test

Much as I dislike Gordon Brown I think he passes the Officer Material test. He would be a misery to serve under but like Montgomery he would be careful in his build up, bold with his troops and claim all the credit that was going.
David Cameron would have a commission in a smart cavalry regiment but would be left behind in action to the relief of the troops and the ladies at home.
Tony Blair would somehow avoid the draft, having very important work to do somewhere safe and end up very rich.
David Davis would a nightmare to be commanded by if you worried for your own skin, he would disappear into the Balkan mountains for a year and come back without a few fingers and wearing strange headgear.
Ming - old buffer in charge of the Home Guard secretly hoping he could use the cold steel again.
Osbourne - might make a pilot
Willetts - the boffin who decides if it is a fly or no-fly night.
Labour Deputies - I give up....


Alas not a Wellington, Marlborough or even an Alexander or Slim in sight.

Ming would be the Home Guard Corporal shouting "Don't panic, don't panic".

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