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No Pain No Gain

The Devil's Kitchen doesn't hold back in his condemnation of Midwives, NSFW, and Dr Crippen also opines on why he has an inbuilt antipathy towards midwives and I know that, once again, I will be criticised for expressing it. But, as I have said before, if you could access the comments on Doctors.net.uk on midwives you would know that my feelings are shared, to a greater or lesser degree, by many doctors. I merely express in public what many others will only say in private.

The problem with midwives is that many are well meaning Guardian readers. They believe that nature is good, that getting in touch with real childbirth with pain is wholesome for the soul. I wonder if they go to the old woman in the village for natural root canal work or do they avail themselves of the wonders of modern dentistry. Of course their medieval prejudices are supported by many mothers who romanticise childbirth, normally right up to the time the contractions start really hurting. Time to cut the crap and view birthing as just another medical procedure like having your piles cauterised, up in the stirrups is no time or place for aromatherapy candles and whalesong music.


Absolutely spot on I reckon.
The missus watches all the baby rabies progs on Sky, they're full of daft bitches obsessed with the birth being as natural as possible and how they don't want any pain relief because they don't want to miss any part of the experience. Writing 'birth plans' as if they can map out how the birth will go. Then they all start screaming like banshees and sucking down as much entonox as they can and the 'birth plan' goes out the window.
At antenatal class the midwife calls contractions 'surges' as if giving them a different name is going to make them hurt less - bonkers.

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