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Local is as local does

Race plan for councils to pinpoint rural strife-News-UK-TimesOnline
Rural local authorities should identify “hot spots” where racial tensions and violence could become a risk, an official report will say today.

It will suggest they draw up “contracts” for new arrivals that would set out the expectations of local people and define what is and is not acceptable behaviour.

Cultural briefing packs ...would be drawn up by local councils according to circumstances in their area, a commission spokeswoman said.

Just Sod Off! The idea that the local council mandating an acceptable behaviour contract is too Orwellian for words. I'm sure Daily Mail readers will love the idea of a contract that towels aren't to be worn when shopping in the High Street, but once legal immigrants are forced to have contracts why stop there? Will the local council in Golders Green or the Curry Mile in Leicester also set local rules? Will they be to the Daily Mail readers taste? Are we all to have ASBOs to make us council approved sheep? And where does pandering to the local ghetto mentality lead us? To this being acceptable and supported by a man from the council?

Celebrity chefs told ‘get out of Cornwall’ by separatists-Life & Style-Food & Drink-TimesOnline Cornish separatists have threatened to attack restaurants owned by Jamie Oliver and Rick Stein in an attempt to drive out English “incomers”.

In a statement sent to a local newspaper, the little-known Cornish National Liberation Army threatened to firebomb the celebrity chefs’ businesses in retaliation for them “alienating” local people.

The e-mail claims that the group has substantial funding and promises to continue its campaign to remove the “imperialist English flag of St George” from Cornwall.


"It will suggest they draw up “contracts” for new arrivals..."

Didn't a small village in either Australia or the US (can't recall) get into hot water for posting a sign doing just this, with the usual suspects claiming racism, islamaphobia, etc....?

I'm sure I saw something on that recently.

Talking about British workers getting British jobs, suggesting Britishness Behaviour Contracts. El Gordo's NuLabour in waiting is starting to sound more like the National Front every day.

I wonder how the tofu sandal brigade in Islington are going to percieve all this?

"A good sword and a trusty hand,
A merry heart and true,
King Gordon's men will understand
What Cornish lads can do."

Don't evern ask me how I know the words to Trelawney...

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