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Falklands conflict was noble, Baroness Thatcher tells troops-News-Politics-TimesOnline
As the Ark Royal, the Royal Navy aircraft carrier, arrived in London to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the end of the Falklands conflict, Lady Thatcher made a radio broadcast, beamed to the people of the Falklands and to British Forces, saying that the victory was in a noble cause.

“The whole nation rejoiced at the success; and we should still rejoice,” she said. “Aggression was defeated and reversed. The wishes of local people were upheld as paramount. Britain’s honour and interests prevailed.”

Listen and download Margaret Thatcher's speech on the Falklands and remember what we are now missing.

Now we have the flagship in position is there any chance of regime change?


From my recent trip to St Petersburg I was given to understand that naval led coups d'etat are traditionally started by a bombardment of the seat of government with big guns. Alas I believe Ark Royal has none.

The second pre-requisite is hordes of heavily-armed, roughtie-toughtie matelots storming the Palace of Westminster Winter Palace. Given the astonishing lack of either roughtiness or toughtiness displayed by AB "Wee Artie" Batchelor et al earlier this year I would imagine that this option is not on the cards either.

But one can dream. Now where did I put my dvd of Eisenstein's "Battleship Potemkin"?

Here is a 360 panorama from HMS Ark Royal which was taken from the front of the flight deck and gives a unique perspective over Greenwich at the time she was moored on the River Thames for the Falklands commemorative events.

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