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Merkel's Murky Vision

Full text: Merkel's blueprint for Europe-News-World-Europe-TimesOnline
Full text: Merkel's blueprint for Europe

Blah de blah...
After two years of uncertainty following the problems encountered in the process of ratification of the Constitutional Treaty, it is clear that there is now a general desire to settle this issue and move on. All Member States recognise that further uncertainty about the treaty reform process would jeopardise the Union's ability to deliver.

Settling this issue quickly is therefore a priority. ...

Look you lost... just because you keep picking at the scab doesn't mean you can unlose. And ability to deliver what exactly?

The way forward clearly needs to take into account the concerns expressed by citizens during the ratification process on the future direction of the European Union

Concerns? No they voted against it - got it? Vote, decision, get over it.

...and the effects of globalisation on its core values and policies. At the same time, there is a very strong demand for the Union to increase its efficiency, to enhance its democratic functioning and to improve the coherence of its external action.

Yep, and the only rational way of doing that is to take the whole sorry shower outside and put a bullet in the back of its neck

A certain number of Member States underlined the importance of avoiding the impression which might be given by the symbolism and the title "Constitution" that the nature of the Union is undergoing radical change....Such an approach is not incompatible with the demand from those Member States which have already ratified that as much of the substance of the Constitutional Treaty as possible should be preserved...

I suppose you call that presentation, others would call it deception.

It is generally recognised that a strengthening of the institutions will help reinforce the capacity of the Union to act, and that the Union therefore has every interest in ensuring that the current Treaties are adapted

I presume you meant "adopted", probably a mistranslation from the Gothic script, which makes that a clear statement on the EU's Nietzschian desire of "will to power".

The Presidency proposes a return to the classical method of treaty change. The IGC would therefore be asked to adopt a Reform Treaty amending the existing Treaties rather than repealing them. The Treaty on the European Union as modified would keep its present name, while the Treaty establishing the European Community would become the "Treaty on the functioning of the Union", containing all the detailed implementing provisions, including the legal bases. Both Treaties would have the same legal value. The Union would have a single legal personality.

We will win, we will, democracy is only for the little people, nothing will stand in our way, we will change the name and the fools glued to their Gro├če Brudder will not notice...


Sounds like our "comprehensive immigration reform" here in the U.S. to legalize 12-20 million illegals. The people are dead set against it, but half the leaders don't care, they know what's best for the rest of us.

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