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Let's all pick on the fat kid.

Take obese children from parents, say doctors | Uk News | News | Telegraph
Severely overweight children should be taken from their parents and put into care, doctors said yesterday as it emerged that obesity had been a factor in at least 20 child protection cases in the past year.

In the most extreme cases, where parents refuse to improve diets, social services should intervene to protect children's long-term health, doctors said.

...Dr Colin Waine, the chairman of the National Obesity Forum, said it was vital that parents woke up to the dangers. "If parents are given appropriate advice and choose to ignore it, this does have very serious consequences for that child," he said.

"The prevalence of type 2 diabetes is rising in children and this will have disastrous consequences on the quality of their lives."

And putting them into care, where if they are not buggered senseless, gain a drug habit, taught to be petty criminals or driven to suicide means they escape just with their minds fucked up, wouldn't have consequences? Or is it just that the State knows best?


"...is it just that the State knows best?"

Answered your own question, there....

Absolutely. Nanny (state) knows best.

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