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Glass Fearing Wussies

Memepunks: America's War on Science

In Texas, you need to register the purchase of Erlenmeyer flasks or three-necked beakers. The same state where I do not have to register a handgun, forces me to register a glass beaker....



Hey Kim, how about moving over to Blighty where we still have the freedom to buy scary flasks without a licence?


Ha! You may think that this asinine piece of regulatory crap is part of the Great War On Drugs, but you'd be wrong.

In fact, it has been proven that said glass containers have been used to make -- gasp! -- martinis of surpassing strength and flavor.

Drugs: OK.

Booze: Not in this town, Bubba.

Fuck this I've had enough! It's time to reactivate the Continental Army.

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