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Keep Paying the Danegeld

Scotsman.com News - Scotland - Barnett formula small price to pay to save Union - Blair

THE level of spending in Scotland is a small price to pay to prevent the break-up of the Union, Tony Blair told critics of the Barnett formula yesterday.

Mr Blair also played down Labour's defeat at Holyrood and suggested he had left the Union stronger than it was before 1997, as support for "separation" had fallen. It was understandable if voters wanted different governments from time to time, he said.

He faced a grilling over whether it was sustainable to have "two classes of citizens" where Scots MPs could decide on the affairs of England through the Westminster parliament, but English MPs could not vote on devolved matters at Holyrood.

Some may compare this with the English paying Danegeld, or even "Scot and Lot". Some Scots believe that the money is worth taking, but it is paid to them at a price, as long as they continue to sponge off their neighbour they will never walk tall and free as a successful nation.


According to your link: the Disorderly Houses Act of 1751 empowers inhabitants of a parish or place paying scot and bearing lot therein (i.e. ratepayers) to require the constable of the parish to prosecute disorderly houses.

Does this mean we can send the cops round to the celtic cousins?

"...they will never walk tall and free as a successful nation."

That's the truth of it, right there.

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