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Berlin is watching us

Germany piles pressure on Britain over EU | International News | News | Telegraph
Germany today turns the pressure on Gordon Brown over the EU constitution by warning that Europe's battles against climate change and illegal immigration depend on national leaders having the courage to cede more power to Brussels.

...Wolfgang Ischinger, Germany's ambassador to London, says Berlin is watching the handover from Tony Blair to Mr Brown with "great interest".

And exactly how does becoming part of The Greater Europe help us in the fight against illegal immigration? And come to that in the Great War on the Climate? Oh, because it would "let the world know that 500 million Europeans speak with one voice and mean business?" You're having a laugh aren't you?


When will our teutonic chums learn? Every time they try and pressure the Brits into joining some pan-european hegemony we are morally obliged to biff them.

You'd have thought that after a couple of lessons a nation as supposedly intelligent as the Boche would have grasped that this was all rather messy and ultimately futile.

Ho hum. Guess I'd better go and dig out the old Lee-Enfield.

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