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Hancock Falls Foul of The Nannies

One for Blognor

Go To Work On An Egg
The egg industry has been shocked to learn it will not be allowed to show the iconic Go To Work On An Egg ads, which featured Tony Hancock, on TV to mark the 50th anniversary of the British Lion mark.

Eggs are not a food restricted under the new rules on advertising but, despite this, the Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre (BACC) has said the ads cannot be repeated because the concept of eating eggs every day goes against the principle of eating a varied diet.

Author Fay Weldon, who headed the team which came up with the famous slogan in 1957, branded the decision “absurd”.

The British Egg Information Service (BEIS) has launched a special website www.gotoworkonanegg.co.uk where people can view the banned ads.


Run that by me again ... In the interests of promoting a varied diet, the powers that be are restricting the marketing of a particular food, thereby reducing the public's awareness of that food and hence it's consumption? And how does this promote variety?

Sounds more like the muesli eating classes trying to force honest yeomen into their pernicious yoghurt and tofu munching ways to me.

Stone me!

I'm munching my Wheatabix topped with Crunchy nut at the mo but I could right go for a boiled 'egg right now.

Cheers mush.

"And how does this promote variety?"

Why, not at all.... But then, I've come to expect that any decision by the BACC is likely to be devoid of common sense.

Bloody absurd to be honest!!! Also, your link does not work!!!

The amazing thing is that you and your readers were surprised at this. What is really unbearable is that we have at least 3 more years of tofu guzzling bospots to tell us what to do. This country is now so dictatorial and yet people just let it happen to them.

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