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Scottish Beggars Belief

Taxpayers foot bill for Scots' class size cuts | Uk News | News | Telegraph
Infants in Scotland could be taught in classes as low as 18 while thousands of young children south of the border remain in groups of 30.

In an announcement that triggered fresh accusations of an educational "apartheid" between the two countries, the Scottish Parliament yesterday paved the way for classes to be cut to a record low in the first three years of primary school. ....

Parents last night said that English schoolchildren were being condemned to an inferior education.

The comments reflect mounting anger south of the border over an emerging public services "postcode lottery" as taxpayers across Britain are forced to pay for improvements to health care and education only available in Scotland.

Last week it was revealed that university tuition fees would be abolished in Scotland. Graduates in England face debts of up to £30,000 to pay for courses.

Edinburgh will also scrap prescription charges for the chronically ill as part of a £9 million-a-year scheme to help patients with asthma, cancer and hepatitis C.

In a further twist, it emerged yesterday that teenage girls in Scotland could be routinely vaccinated against cervical cancer from as early as autumn next year, after a decision by the Joint Committee of Vaccination and Immunisation. In England, the same move has been dogged by delays.

The Scottish National Party has been accused of attempting to antagonise Westminster with a flurry of headline-grabbing policy announcements designed to heighten tension between the two countries.

Last night, Gordon Brown sought to appease parents south of the border by unveiling policy reforms focusing on schools and universities, including extra help for the brightest children.

But Blair Gibbs, campaign director of the Taxpayers' Alliance said: "Sooner or later the Government is going to have to explain why it is OK for SNP ministers in Holyrood to make pledges on public spending with money raised from English taxpayers.

"Voters north of the border are within their rights to want more local control but fairness means not asking someone else to pay for it. English taxpayers once again see the SNP avoiding the logic of their own independence objective. You can't go your own way if you don't pay your own way."

The SNP are winding us up then? Consider me wound.


Funny they should blame the SNP. I was wound up before they were on the scene.

All they are doing is not hiding it because that suits their agenda.

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