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Nanny Plays Cards

Tories propose 'health miles card' | Uk News | News | Telegraph
A “health miles card”, offering reward points for giving up smoking or losing weight, was proposed yesterday by a Tory group reviewing health policy.

Such rewards could be redeemed against fresh vegetables or discounted gym membership, under plans advanced by the group.....

While much work would be required for the development, “we think that the creation of a small individual benefit scheme would change the language of health from illness to wellbeing,” the review said.

“Health miles could be given as 'reward points’ for giving up smoking, losing weight, receiving immunisations or attending screening programmes. Such rewards could be redeemed against fresh vegetables, discounted gym membership, or priority within other public services,” the group said. ....

The “preventative education” of a generation of young people must be of paramount performance if obesity strategies were to succeed.

The next Tory government should also emphasise citizens’ responsibility for their own health through decisions about exercise, diet, smoking or alcohol consumption. While they could be influenced through information or clinical advice, they would remain the citizens’ responsibility..

We could combine it with a universal card people could carry all the time, obviously to prevent fraud it would have to be a sort of ID card, plenty of room on the chip for all those pesky personal details, not just the colour of your eyes but also did you finish your vegetables up at dinner and how many units of alcohol have you bought this week. And even how much "carbon" you have footprinted. Of course it is your choice, your personal responsibility, but if you don't do as nanny says then I'm afraid you are at the back of the queue for the doctor.......


Christ almighty... and what would I do with veggies? Throw them at passing politicians? (Hmmmm....)

As for the health club membership: lot of good it would do me, unless of course I could just sit there and watch the totties in their little tight gym outfits, faces all contorted with effort, sweat pouring down between their breasts...

I'd better stop now.

If this was April 1, I would not have laughed. No doubt it will be swiped at all the right places where you buy healthy food. Perhaps we could be microchipped and orders of beer and cigarettes would automatically trigger an electrical impulse or a demerit point. Such utter bollocks. These are issues of personal responsibility and the Government should just get lost.

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